Latin teaching

Latin is a tool of communication. It is a language just like any other, which can be taught and learned with fun and ease. I teach Latin to adults as a living language with the primary goal being communication in natural contexts. Doing so is not only fun and engaging but is much more effective at developing mastery in language than rote memorisation of rules of grammar and painstackingly using the dictionary to struggle through passages. Recently I have mainly been teaching as part of the UCL Living Latin & Greek Society where I lead free spoken Latin classes at beginner, intermediate/advanced levels.

If you are interested in private 1:1 or small group tutoring, please e-mail me at to discuss options and prices.

Courses taught

Below are examples of current and previous courses that I have taught. Get in touch to find out about upcoming courses!

Intermediate (UCL Living Latin, 2019 – 2020)Thomas More, Sulpicia, William Harvey, Ghosts and Horrors, Daily Routines, Dates and Times, Holidays, Queen Elizabeth I, and more…
Iter Subterranum Nicolaii Klimii (UCL Living Latin, 2020)Ludvig Holberg’s “Niels Klim’s Underground Journey” – an intermediate/advanced spoken Latin course
UCL Living Latin Complete Beginners (UCL Living Latin, 2021)Spoken Latin for complete beginners

Other events

Talk at Novæ Vivæ IIIThesausrus Latinitatis sæculorum recentiorum: exemplum ope Exercitationis anatomicæ de motu cordis per se illustratæ