About me

Imago Matthæus Jay

After graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Westminster in 2012, I went on to volunteer as an advisor and representative at the Great Ormond Street Hospital Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and undertook work as the Data Manager for the Pain Control Service at Great Ormond Street. In my CAB work, I represented appellants in the social welfare benefits tribunals, mostly on points of EU law. At the Pain Control Service, I developed research interests in postoperative pain management in children and in the management of chronic pain, as well as the epidemiology of chronic pain and socioeconomic inequalities in its distribution.

I obtained an MSc in Social Epidemiology from UCL in 2017 and am now undertaking a PhD on educational outcomes of children who come into contact with children’s social care and the family justice system. My approach is epidemiological, particularly using administrative data, and I am interested in how we can use epidemiological methods to study law and its proximal and distal outcomes (“legal epidemiology”). In May 2020 I was recognised as Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I am also an enthusiast of ancient languages, especially Latin and Greek as living languages. I am one of the magistri of the London Latin Circle and the UCL Living Ltin & Greek Society.

I am the creator of “Salvi Sitis” – the Latin language epidemiology podcast (Twitter: @SalviSitisPod).

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Laureum baccalaureum legum ab Universitate Vestmonasteriense a. MMXII accepi, post quod operam dedi in «Citizens Advice Bureau» apud Viam Magnam Ormondam Valetudinarium («Great Ormond Street Hospital») atque in Doloris Levandi Ministerio («Pain Control Service») ejusdem valetudinarii. In «Citizens Advice Bureau» appellatores coram judiciis donatiorum (i.e. pecuniæ a republicá distributæ propter egestatem) patronus fui, praecipue in legum Unionis Europææ causis. In Doloris Levandi Minsterio a studio investigationum de liberorum dolore post chirurgiam, de dolore longo et de inæquitatibus distributionis ejus captus sum.

Laureum magistralem obtinui a. MMXVII in Universitate Collegio Londiniensi  et nunc ad laureumdoctoralem in eodem enitor. Investigationes meæ sunt de educatione liberorum quibus necesse est auxilium e re publicá accipere vel qui per judicium aguntur (præcipue qui vel neglecti sunt vel injurias a parentibus passi sunt) vel quia penuriosi sunt. Epidemiologiá et datis administrativis utor et methodis epidemiologicis ad leges intellegendas studeo (quod voco «epidemiologiam legalem»). Mense Majo 2020, Collega Associatus Academiæ Educationis Superioris («Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy») sum factus.

Sum unus ex magistris Circuli Latini Londiniensis et Societatis Latinitatis Londiniensis.

«Salvi Sitis!» – seriei acroamatum de epidemiologiá Latinæ – creator sum (in Pipiatorio: @SalviSitisPod).

Sequere me in Pipiatorio apud @MattJayLats.