I’m Matt Jay, a Doctoral Research Student at University College London, Institute of Child Health. I am interested in how we can use epidemiological and statistical methods to understand law and the outcomes of legal processes–both immediately and across the life course in all domains of human health and happiness.

I also have a keen interest in the ancient world and using and teaching ancient languages actively and inclusively–hence all the Latin here. I am the voice behind “Salvi Sitis” – the Latin language podcast about all things epidemiology.

You can get in touch with me at matthew.jay.15 [at] ucl.ac.uk.

Follow me on Twitter @MattJayEpi for epidemiology and @MattJayLats for Latin and languages in general.

Mihi Matthæo est nomen. Sum doctorandus apud Institutum Salutis Liberorum Universitatis Collegii Londiniensis et investigo quomodo methodi epidemiologicæ ad leges intellegendas, eorumque eventús, in usu possint.

Et studeo rebus antiquis, præsertim utræque linguæ. Meá multum interest discere docereque linguas antiquas vivá ratione quá omnes discere possint. Sum auctor sermonis «Salvi Sitis!» – acroamatum de epidemiologiá.

Potes mittere mihi epistulas electronicas apud matthew.jay.15 [apud] ucl.ac.uk.

Sequere me in Pipiatorio apud @MattJayLats ad linguas et @MattJayEpi ad epidemiologiam.