I’m Matt Jay, a Research Fellow at University College London, Institute of Child Health where I principally use national, administrative datasets to study the health and education of vulnerable groups of children.

I also have a keen interest in using and teaching ancient languages actively and inclusively. I am the voice behind “Salvi Sitis” – the Latin language podcast about all things epidemiology.

You can get in touch with me at matthew.jay.15 [at] ucl.ac.uk.

Sum Matthæus investigator apud Institutum Salutis Liberorum Universitatis Collegii Londiniensis ubi scholas salutemque investigo puerorum omne vulneribus genus magis expositorum.

Discere et docere linguas antiquas vivâ ratione etiam studium mihi movet. Sum auctor acroamatum nomine «Salvi Sitis!» – acroamatum de epidemiologiâ.

Potes mittere mihi epistulas electronicas apud matthew.jay.15 [apud] ucl.ac.uk.